Welcome to Double Hammerfist: The home of all martial arts on the screen

When I started my first website, fight-library.com, I aimed to make a website that was unique and fun. The goal was to put out content that was completely unique to the MMA and combat sports spheres.

During that journey, I found that I really enjoyed what was brought to the big screen in martial arts. Bruce Lee, Rocky, and The Karate Kid were all some of my favorite things in all of cinema.

As The Fight Library shaped up, it became more and more clear that the movie reviews and interviews didn’t quite fit. The Fight Library had become more of a study into martial arts and movies weren’t truly martial arts. They were feats that were incredible in their own right but not quite what the goal was.

While I did like having the martial arts movie reviews up on my site and the views were more than any other article, it just didn’t fit.

When I was faced with the idea of stopping the movie and TV reviews, I was kinda bummed. I liked doing them. They were fun to me. But it didn’t fit. Then I had a great idea: Double Hammerfist.

Now I can dedicate a space, this space, to martial arts movies and television.

So I hope you all enjoy the site. It’s new so bear with me! I’m going to get all the movie reviews transferred over to this site so they’re all in one place. Enjoy!

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