Conor McGregor cast in “Road House” remake alongside Jake Gyllenhaal

conor mcgregor road house remake

UFC megastar Conor McGregor is taking on the film industry. Announced today by his spokesperson, Karen Kessler, McGregor has been cast alongside Oscar nominated Jake Gyllenhaal for the upcoming Road House remake that will release on Amazon Prime. The original movie came out in 1989 and a remake of the film has been in the works for some time.

The movie will feature Jake Gyllenhaal taking on the role originally portrayed by Patrick Swayze. Gyllenhaal will be an ex UFC fighter who works at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys. The production will begin this month in the Dominican Republic and will be a worldwide release.

As for Conor McGregor’s role in the movie, it’s said he will have a major part in Road House. He will not be a cameo of himself in the fight and will be an original character. Other names attached to the film are Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchoir, Gbemmisola Ikumelo, Lukas Gage, Hannah Love Lanier, Travis Van Winkle, BK Cannon, Arturo Castro, Dominique Columbus, Beau Knapp and Bob Menery.

The film will be written by Anthony Bagarozzi, Nick Cassavetes, and Chuck Mondry.

The Road to Road House

Road House has been a target of Hollywood as a prime candidate for a remake. With the 90’s generation so nostalgic, a movie from that era seemingly always has legs. Just ask Top Gun: Maverick which took the cinemas by storm this summer.

In 2015, at the height of her fame, UFC champion Ronda Rousey was attached to the remake of Road House before losing to Holly Holm by a spectacular knockout. That film was also to be written by Nick Cassavetes as well. Rousey then took time off and after losing her comeback she took her talents to WWE and professional wrestling.

Conor McGregor has had his eyes on Hollywood for some time saying that he’d planned on making a jump to Hollywood after he was done fighting. After breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021, he’s planning a comeback. Will it be the last fight that we see Conor McGregor in before he retires for good?


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