Mike Tyson: “Hulu stole my story.”

Mike Tyson Hulu Series

The upcoming series, Mike, debuts on Hulu and it’s titular character, Mike Tyson, isn’t happy about the upcoming adaptation of his likeness. On Saturday, he unloaded a tirade of criticism of the show and Hulu accusing them of stealing his life rights. Check out the tweets below:

Mike Tyson vs. Hulu

As you can see, Mike Tyson is not happy with the upcoming series. Mike aims to show the boxer’s life and show the infamous career of Tyson that was full of controversy. But according to Tyson, he was not paid for his story or likeness for the mini-series.

Tyson said on social media that Hulu executives contacted friends and known associates of Tyson for Mike and were misled. Mauricio Salaiman, the president of the World Boxing Commission, said they were told that Tyson was involved. As we’ve come to find out, he was not.

Other names have come to Mike Tyson’s side including the UFC’s Nate Diaz and Dana White, as seen in the tweets above.

Mike out on August 25th

Mike comes out on Hulu as an six episode series on August 25th. It is sure to cause controversy with the noise being made by Mike Tyson on social media about his lack of involvement. Perhaps there will even be boycotts of the show as well, although Tyson hasn’t called for that yet.

Mike features Trevante Rhodes as the titular character. You’ll have seen Rhodes in Moonlight, The Predator and Bird Box. Other popular names in the series include Harvey Keitel as Cus D’Amato, Russell Hornsby as Don King, Ethan Dubin as Teddy Atlas, Laura Harrier as Robin Givens, and many many more names that will pop up as the series goes through Tyson’s career.

Watching it or not will be up to you. Tyson has not called for a boycott. But the series is going to be a hot topic among his fans for some time. Keep in mind there is still going to be another Tyson series featuring Jamie Foxx as Tyson and will be directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Martin Scorsese that is still in development.


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