The Karate Bad Boy Is Back! Mike Barnes To Be Part of Cobra Kai Season 5

Cobra Kai season 5 just got a bit more extreme. Announced earlier today, Sean Kanan will reprise his role from The Karate Kid Part III as the infamous Karate Bad Boy, Mike Barnes. Kanan announced it on his Twitter account today. He joins his old sensei, Terry Silver, who joined the series in Cobra Kai season 4.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Shaping Up

Cobra Kai season 5 debuts on September 9th and with today’s announcements we are getting a look at what could go on for the fifth season of the hit Netflix series. With Mike Barnes returning, Terry Silver, played by Ian Thomas Griffin, and Miyagi-do/Eagle Fang will go head to head with each other.

Much like The Karate Kid Part III, Mike Barnes will likely be brought in to spice things up for Terry Silver and company. He notoriously beat Daniel LaRusso to a pulp in the All-Valley for a 50% stake in the Cobra Kai dojo franchise.

In addition to Kanan returning, Alicia Hannah-Kim will join the cast as Kim Da-Eun, a South Korean sensei. Hannah-Kim will be joining Silver’s Cobra Kai dojo to up the ante in Cobra Kai season 5.

At the end of season four, we saw that Tory Nichols win the All Valley Tournament but it was Terry Silver who paid the referee off to get the win. We also saw Daniel LaRusso reach out to Chozen to help with the upcoming war and Johnny Lawrence and Robby, his son, reunite.

Cobra Kai season 5 will be bingable on September 9th on Netflix. Don’t miss the return to the Karate Kid universe with fan favorites like Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, Sam LaRusso, Miguel Diaz and more! Check back with Double Hammerfist to get your season review when it does drop. Thanks for reading.


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