Terror on the Prairie: A Surprisingly Fun Western

As I dreadfully put my credit card information into The Daily Wire, I wondered just how bad Terror on the Prairie would be. I’m not a fan of news sites and giving them money made me somewhat sick. But I did it. I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was “the return of the cancelled Gina Carano” and Donald Cerrone’s acting debut. Terror on the Prairie was a fun movie for those who like westerns. For those who don’t it’s still a watchable movie!

Terror on the Prairie: The Good

Gina Carano is a pretty stale actor. She’s new and while she did well in The Mandalorian, her other work has been sub par. In Terror on the Prairie, Gina Carano did quite well acting. She’s been working on her acting and it’s very apparent.

This role for Carano is very much something within her wheelhouse as well. The movie was obviously made for Carano and it paid off. Terror on the Prairie was your textbook western and stayed true to what it was wanting to be. It brings back the western style movie and does itself justice.

Cowboy Cerrone was also the co-star in this movie and was his acting debut. His role in this was pretty small and Carano was the star of the movie. But for what he did have to do, Cowboy wasn’t half bad. He was a bit stiff, but as a newcomer to acting, he got his feet wet and that’s half the battle.

The story wasn’t special but was executed pretty efficiently. I felt like Carano’s character was in danger and having Cerrone away and the kid home upped the ante even more for me.

The Bad: Ankle Deep

As I said above, the story of Terror on the Prairie was nothing special. That’s part of what makes it bad. I like a movie with plot twists and something that I can’t see coming a mile away. Terror on the Prairie wasn’t that. We all knew Gina Carano was going to get out victorious and the baddies would bite the dust.

Bullets bothered me as well in this movie. How did Carano, Cerrone and supporting actors all have so much ammunition? The directors tried to make it look like they were preserving ammo but the amount of bullets shot took me out the movie a bit and made it a little less unbelievable.

The Ugly (See what I did there?)

The worst part about Terror on the Prairie was having to stomach giving The Daily Wire money. I don’t like politics at all and think that the politicization of the United States is responsible for so much hurt in the country. I feel that both right wing and left wing outlets are responsible for this together. They’re two sides of the same coin. Having to give them money was against my normal code and it took me a while to decide if I wanted to review this movie or not.

According to IMDb, it will be released in the Netherlands on DVD and BluRay. Maybe you can snag a copy that way if you don’t want to sign up to The Daily Wire at all.

Overall, I enjoyed Terror on the Prairie way more than I thought I would. It’s an old school western with modern cameras. Westerns don’t have to be bullet proof (another pun, I’m on a roll today). What westerns have to do is make a movie that has good guys, bad guys, and some killing. That’s all and that’s what Terror on the Prairie does. While I do like a slightly deeper story, I recognize that fact.

Terror on the Prairie gets a 5.5 from me out of ten. As usual, I want to remind you that my 10 point system is a true 10 point system. Bad movies are a 1. Great movies are a 10. Average is right in the middle. And that’s how I see Terror on the Prairie: average. And being average is okay!


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