Netflix drops new Cobra Kai trailer ahead of season 5 release

QUIET! Cobra Kai has dropped a new trailer today in advance of next month’s season 5. Season five comes out on September 9th only on Netflix. Check it out below:

Cobra Kai Season 5: Terry Silver’a Reign of Terror

Picking up right where season 4 left off, Cobra Kai season 5 is showing the aftermath of the fourth season. Terry Silver cheated his way to win the All-Valley and now Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence are left picking up the pieces.

In the trailer we get a look at Alicia Hannah-Kim’s new character: Kim Da-Eun, a Korean sensei new to Cobra Kai. Unfortunately for fans, Mike Barnes, who was announced to be joining the show last week, was not shown. The Karate Bad Boy will be back, however and fans will be rabid to see him in action.

Chozen was briefly shown in the trailer after the season 4 stinger. He made his return to the Miyagiverse in season 2 of Cobra Kai.

There will be drama, cool karate fights, and much more in season five of Cobra Kai and the trailer also showed some of that with Miguel and Robby going at it despite being on the same team.

Not shown in the trailer was Miguel’s trip to Mexico to find his real father not what’s on Tory’s mind after finding out Terry Silver paid off the referee in her All-Valley tournament victory. But we can’t have our cake and eat it too so we will likely have to wait until the next trailer or when the season drops on Netflix.

Don’t miss all the high flying karate action as Cobra Kai finally returns on September 9th. Let’s see how Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen deal with the new threat of Terry Silver back in action in The Valley. Thanks for reading!


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