Gina Carano Starring in Hunter Biden Movie: “My Son Hunter”

Just because they canceled her doesn’t mean she won’t get work. Gina Carano is back and is now starring in a movie about the Hunter Biden laptop conspiracy because of course she is. After starring in The Daily Wire’s Terror on the Prairie, Carano is back but with Breitbart now.

The movie toes the line with the sitting President Joe Biden being in the crosshairs. The movie aims to tell a story about the infamous Hunter Biden laptop story in the 2016 election. Gina Carano will be playing a Secret Service agent and, from the looks of the trailer she will be narrating the movie. Laurence Fox will be playing Hunter Biden and John James will play President Joe Biden.

The director for My Son Hunter is Robert Davi. He’s had acting gigs in Die Hard, The Goonies, Licence to Kill and The Expendables 3. The only directorial credits to his name are Magic The Talking Dog in 2010, which got a 3.6 rating on IMDb, and The Dukes in 2007, 5.9 on IMDb.

My Son Hunter: Too Edgy?

Some would question making a movie about the son of a sitting President portraying the family as corrupt politicians. There was much rage from the right when Kathy Griffin held up the severed head of a mock Donald Trump. This movie, while not that extreme, is pushing the boundaries and leans into the realm of political propaganda going into the midterm elections. But it’s likely that the only ones who will see the movie will only be voting against President Joe Biden already.

My Son Hunter has the potential to be entertaining at least. Partying, drugs, and back door deals are usually fun in a movie. And we saw with Terror on the Prairie that right wing news outlets can make decent movies if they stay true to what they are trying to accomplish.

The movie comes out on September 7th on Breitbart and you can purchase it at and you can nab it for around $22.


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