RUMOR: Shang-Chi 2 Gets Feb. 2025 Release Date

Marvel’s top pound for pound martial artist could be eyeing a release date of February 15, 2025. The rumor broke today that Shang-Chi 2 could have an imminent announcement soon. The original director, Daniel Destin Cretton, is having a field day with Marvel content and will be directing Avengers: Kang Dynasty, which has a May 2, 2025 release date and has some fans worried about the director’s return.

The Direct posted the rumor today on r/MarvelStudioSpoilers on Reddit. But with the directoral conflict, many are wondering if Cretton will be able to direct a project as big as Shang-Chi 2 and the massive return of the Avengers in Kang Dynasty.

While it’s odd that the rumor has an exact date, the return of Shang-Chi is welcome nonetheless.

Shang-Chi 2, Following Up Success

Shang-Chi 2 is following up massive success with Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings which was the second phase of Marvel’s Phase 4. The movie brought a level of martial arts and mysticism to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was a fresh take and a very fun ride.

The original movie made a whopping $432.2 million box office in the middle of the pandemic. That may not seem like that much but keep in mind that it wasn’t until Spiderman: No Way Home that the true theater viewing experience returned.

Even better, Shang-Chi had a 91% critic score and a 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. With the positive reviews, it was almost a given that Shang-Chi 2 would return.

One can safely assume that Simu Liu will return as the titular character and we will get Awkwafina’s Katy as well. Other cast and villains are, of course, not known at this time.

But with a Feburary 2025 release date, announcements, trailers and more will be limited. Perhaps we will get more information at San Diego Comic Con next year!

Stay posted to Double Hammerfist for all the latest news surrounding Shang-Chi 2! Thanks for reading!


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