Five Cobra Kai Spinoffs that would be totally badass

Well after season 5 of Cobra Kai, fans are clamoring for more. Perhaps rightfully so, as the series simply hasn’t missed during its five season run. So today we are going to talk about five Cobra Kai spin-offs that could be a good idea. With how important cinematic universes are to the film industry and the popularity of Cobra Kai, it’s safe to assume that The Karate Kid universe will grow in that manner.

Young Miyagi and Chozen

This one could be the most in depth. We saw in Cobra Kai season 5 a young Chozen training to become the karate master that we know him to be today. With Mr. Miyagi being older than Chozen in The Karate Kid Part II, we could have a really interesting teacher-student dynamic between the two before Chozen goes to learn with Sato, Miyagi’s uncle.

We could see a budding rivalry between Miyagi and Sato that would ultimately become the problems that caused Miyagi to flee Japan and return and have Daniel LaRusso have to fight Chozen.

We could get a very romantic view of Japan, the birthplace of karate, and a Miyagi who is not the rock that we see in the original Karate Kid saga. We’ve got the young kid actor for young Chozen so let’s find our Mr. Miyagi!

Miguel and Robby Buddy Cop Show in Mexico

Continuing our world tour, a limited series of Miguel Diaz and Robby Keene. This time Miguel has some unfinished business opened up with the butterfly effect of meeting his father in Mexico in season five of Cobra Kai. This spinoff would see Miguel and Robby, who have a budding friendship, go to Mexico on their senior trip only to be brought into some mess while on a beach somewhere.

It’s then they find out it’s Miguel’s father who has totally gone off the rails, loomed Carmen up and recognized Miguel from his time in Mexico. He’s off the rails once he knows that Miguel is back in Mexico and now he and Robby are in deep against his thugs.

John Kreese and Terry Silver In Vietnam

If you haven’t gotten the hint right now, I’m a fan of Cobra Kai taking us to different and unique places in the world and having the gang placed in a different culture. Next on the list, we go to Vietnam. In Cobra Kai we’ve had a young John Kreese cast and a young Terry Silver. Season five showed us their background in Vietnam during the Vietnam war.

This could be a darker background story that gives both Silver and Kreese some nuanced depth. They were good at one point but eventually the toll of war took their toll and we see them turn from decent people to someone morally compromised by the price they had to pay to get out alive. This one could be dark and would have a different musical theme.

Chozen and Mike Barnes in Japan

Again, Chozen is at the top of my list for a spin-off series mainly because I really think Japan has legs for a Cobra Kai spin-off series. The original show was greatly inspired by the region as is obvious. This time, modern Chozen will go to Japan with The Karate Bad Boy himself.

With Mike Barnes now at zero and having nothing after the events of Cobra Kai season 5, he’s now looking for a way to make ends meet. Chozen has something come up and offers to take Barnes to fix the issue for a decent sum of money. He, of course, accepts.

I really liked the dynamic between Chozen and Barnes in season 5. They were friendly adversaries and could constantly be trying to one up each other in the show. It would be a unique parallel to the Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso rivalry. Chozen and Mike Barnes could grow very close and provide a great and improved dynamic in season 6 or whatever season is next for Cobra Kai.

Miguel and Johnny Lawrence In The Amazon

This last one is basically a bonus season of Cobra Kai with a nod to Karate Kid history. I haven’t ironed all the kinks of the story out yet but somehow, and for some reason, Johnny and Miguel end up making a trip to the Amazon.

This is a nod to the Karate Kid cartoon that aired in 1989 where Miyagi and Daniel went around the globe to exotic locations looking for the stolen shrine that belonged in Okinawa.

For this show, Johnny Lawrence can see an ad online for a “magical” piece of 80’s memorabilia and Johnny is obsessed about it. Miguel, of course, is skeptical about Johnny getting scammed and accompanies him. They get into some shenanigans and Lenny Kravitz, who lives in Brazil, is the final boss and Lawrence takes the fight, Bruce Lee in Game of Death style tower battle, and defeats Kravitz.

Of course season six will introduce new characters and we could have some great stories there too. But that will remain to be seen. In the meantime, let’s have some fun with these.


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