Cobra Kai to conclude with season 6

It’s a bleak, dark day. Announced by the writers of Cobra Kai today, season 6 will be the final season of the much beloved show. The team announced it on their Twitter today and, while season 6 was finally confirmed, it will be the last. Pretty bittersweet.

In addition to the announcement on Twitter, Netflix released a teaser announcement for season 6 on YouTube today as well.

Cobra Kai Season 6: The Finale

While it is sad that Cobra Kai will conclude with season 6, it is perhaps good that the series will finally get a conclusion and on it’s own terms. Far too often we see shows go on for too long and really lose their soul. Cobra Kai could go on for as long as Netflix will have it but the opportunity to wrap up its story will be better for the Miyagiverse.

Of course we wouldn’t be here without the original Karate Kid movie. When Cobra Kai debuted on YouTube, the world was taken by storm and eventually picked up by Netflix. Since then, it’s been an improvement every season. We’ve seen the return of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso as our main characters as well as friends and enemies from the past like Chozen, Terry Silver, Kumiko, and The Karate Bad Boy himself, Mike Barnes.

While more Karate Kid spin-offs have been discussed, no news about these shows were mentioned in the announcement.

As for what season six could be, there’s always the Hillary Swank connection is there. From the Next Karate Kid movie, a secret Miyagi student would be an interesting twist. Hillary Swank, however, said in an interview that she has yet to be called for Cobra Kai though she isn’t opposed to it.

While I am sad to see Cobra Kai go, I am happy that we’re getting closure on everyone’s favorite karate series. Until then, let’s keep on kickin’ ass and taking names.


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