“Mike” on Hulu Ep. 3 and 4 Review: Rough, but Slightly Improved

Mike on Hulu dropped episodes there and four last week (likely to get the onslaught of disgruntled Mike Tyson fans through quicker) and today we have to drop a review. Having watched over the past Labor Day weekend, I can say that episodes three and four of Mike on Hulu was a big improvement from the first two episodes. While some of the problems still remain from the original episodes, some of the twists taken on the characters made the show shine. Let’s begin.

Mild spoilers ahead, reader beware!

Mike on Hulu: The Good

Much like last week, the boxing in Mike was well done. While it’s not a “Creed” performance which starred Tony Bellew, it does well to show the power possessed by Mike Tyson in his heyday. There’s blood everywhere and the slow motion, 300 style shots with contorted faces continue to be entertaining.

Two new characters introduced was Robin Givens and Don King. Ohhhh, how they nailed Don King’s slimy, sleezy personality. Robin Givens and the actress who played her, Laura Harrier, were also spot on and as a big part of Mike Tyson’s life, omitting her would be blasphemy.

But Don King was perfection. Russell Hornsby absolutely nails the conman boxing promoter who has put fights together throughout the years despite being one of the most corrupt individuals in the sport’s history. He is sleezy and just out for no good and Hornsby nails the role.

What went wrong?

Much like the first two episodes, the same criticisms will apply here. While Trevante Rhodes does a good job impersonating Mike Tyson’s mannerisms, subtle shyness, and quiet tone and lisp, it comes off as just an impersonation. He’s a great actor but some of the lines just don’t work for Rhodes.

Second, Buster Douglas was a mammoth of a human being in the show. Why? Douglas is a larger man now but at the time of the fight he wasn’t fat nor shredded like the show told us. Mike on Hulu takes what makes Buster Douglas beating Tyson in Japan and makes it something completely different.

In Mike on Hulu, Douglas is a brick house; square and muscle bound. But in all actuality, he was almost the same as any boxer Mike Tyson had faced before. He was in shape, sure, but nothing like what we were shown. It made Mike’s fall from champion to what we will soon see in the next two episodes less heartbreaking. Douglas was a monster in the show, but not in real life. He was almost an Average Joe compared to Mike Tyson and his aura.

Overall: Still mid

Mid, as the youngsters like to say. Mike on Hulu is worth a watch but it’s not going to blow your socks off with story you’ve never heard. That’s because they didn’t consult Mike Tyson on this and because of it, the show comes off as unoriginal.

Two more weeks of this double episode nonsense. At least we have Cobra Kai season five the next day to cheer me up.


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